Readers of romance who want a little more . . .

Here is where you will find stories about people, love and sex.

A society in which a woman is  hired to ‘test drive’ prospective husbands in bed.

In a close, dystopic future, a young man is hired as a tutor by a mysterious woman, ala Jane Eyre with a twist.

In the dry lands of mountainous Idaho, a young woman encounters a ghostly horse and a deadly secret.

The fiction presented here explores the drives, desires, wishes of both women and men, brings the reader close to characters acting on their feelings. And, of course, there is sex. And love. And more sex. And more love.

Jill Morrison writes exotic romance from the point-of-view of a woman, or a man, in a  strange and sometimes bizarre setting. There can be danger, humor, and there is always attraction.

Coming soon: Louise Morrighan’s erotica goes a step beyond into the deeply sexual.